These are some of the virtual worlds I made in different teams for the Building Virtual Worlds course at Entertainment Technology Center, CMU. I was a part of 5 different virtual worlds, all using Unity3D.

Labyrinth  :

Labyrinth is a two-player horror game. One Player is on the Oculus Rift who attempts to get out of the maze. The other player uses to mouse and plays a "Dungeon Master" for the first player.


Platform : Oculus Rift + PS Move + Keyboard using Unity 3D

Time limit : 3 weeks

Role  : Programmer ( Player Controller, Device Input, Level Editing, Door Locking Feature, DM camera etc )



Automatum is a story-driven experience in which the player experiences the story of a lonely heartless robot.



Platform : ​Kinect using Unity3D

Time limit : 3 weeks

Role  : Programmer (Animation script for 2D images, Game Flow using a Game Manager, Kinect Inputs etc)

Just Throw

JustThrow is a 2D Kinect game where the user helps a cute dinosaur to get lollipops. The player has to throw a paperball at the correct object to make them fall on the hole and hence make a path for the dinosaur to move forward.




Platform : Kinect using Unity3D

Time limit : 2 weeks

Role  : Programmer (Animaton script for 2D images, Kinect Input, Character("Dino") AI, Throwing mechanics,  Game logics like Object collisions and matching corresponding holes on the bottom etc.)

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